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Custom Audio Video Systems

Home theatres are so popular that they are almost becoming a standard in new home construction.

Committed or Dedicated Home Theatre

This is what most people envision when thinking of a home theatre. Theatres have historically been delegated to the basement to maximize acoustic and lighting benefits- however the theatre room can be any room in the house. The major consideration when choosing your dedicated space for your home theatre would be, what room in your house makes the most sense to you? We cater to your needs and choices!

Multi Use Home Theatre

If you don't have the extra space or are simply not willing to give up the space for a dedicated home theatre you now have very viable options. Cutting edge creative products have made it possible to completely disguise all signs of a home theatre by discreetly integrating it into your home's decor.

After helping you compare the relative merits of the various technologies, evaluating your specific requirements, and choosing the ideal complement of equipment to deliver the experience you expect, we will professionally install the components.

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